Have you ever had a time when you were talking to someone in their late 20s to late 30s and you felt the need to ask the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a challenging question but it is a question that needs to be asked, especially to ourselves during time of reflection and redemption. This is saying that the person is childish or still a kid asking someone what they want to be when they grow up is the simplest way to ask what they want to with their life career wise. I think th question would be best coming from ourselves. What do we want to do with our lives? Do we want to be doctors, dancers, or ninjas? How about an artist? A travel agent? Heck, you could discover a way to make yourself a unicorn if you want!

The thing is, we have to ask the question if we want to get an answer. That’s the first step that leads the way to adventure, trial, error, and ultimately success. I’ve been told it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there as long as you don’t stop doing what it takes to get there. Its almost embarrassing to even be asked the question, but even more embarrassing to be our age and not have an answer to the question.

Age is a number that comes with knowledge and experience but you have to remember, we are all young to someone. Embracing our age and experiences are very important to figuring out where “there” is. We all go through that time when we’re trying to figure all this stuff and that’s okay. What isn’t okay is becoming paralyzed by confusion and so much self doubt that we never make a move. Your next move should be your best move but making no move is the worst move you can make. You get me? Trust God and trust yourself, you got this!

I always wanted to be an actress and writer. Once I grew up mentally and spiritually, I made a move to make that dream a reality and I am still moving. You’re all grown up now too so what’s it going to be?