Hello my Lovely people! Happy Sunday to you all. Today I come to you with a mind full of knowledge and a happy wallet.  Yup that’s right, we’re about to talk that money talk. The time has come for your girl to start saving her money so she can make those big girl moves and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share what I’ve learned? I dont even want to find out. Now I’m going to try keeping this short and sweet so listen up hunny bee!

Im always up for a deal when shopping or hanging out friends and family but some times the deals aren’t worth spending unnecessary funds just because I can save. You know I’ve learned? Dont buy things just because they are on clearance or sale. Sure you would save money at the moment but why spend it when you could just save it and spend it on something you really want or need? Good point. I know. Stop trippin, start saving!
Another thing I’ve started doing is treating my savings like it is a bill that must be paid. This means paying it monthly just like I do with my rent, phone bill, health insurance, etc. To help keep on track try writing down a monthly budget with columns that include the bill that needs to be paid, due date, and the amount.  Some times we tend to do better with things when we get them out of our heads and on to paper. 

And last but certainly not least, learn the power of no! No I don’t need to buy that! No I cannot help you pay your bill! No I do not want to be poor and struggling because I suck at money management! You get the point right? This is your life and your finances. Take charge and handle your business. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in helping others take care of their financial business that we neglect our own. Just because you may have paid your bills and still have money in your account does not mean you have money to spare every time someone needs it.  Once again I say, stop trippin and start saving. I hope this information serves you well and please feel free to drop a comment.  It would be great to hear from those who read my words. Peace✌