What a Sunday! Today was my one year anniversary with M and it was a great day! We may not have done much just spending time with each other was plenty enough for me. I LOVE THAT MAN! 

Any who what I want to talk to you guys about today is how life has a funny way of bringing strangers into your life at just the right time. While I was at the train station I met a lovely older woman who sat with me as I rode the train to my destination . This conversation was quite interesting so when I walked away I took with me a great lesson to remember when times get hard. That lesson is “When God closes one door he opens another “. Sometimes we are put in tough positions that are meant to challenge us mentally, physically, and spiritually. We sometimes blame God when these challenges arise and create what may feel like an unbelievable situation . What we have to remember during those times is that if God is taking something away from you that means he has something different for you.  You may not understand why things could be so great but no matter what attempts you make it still feels like the great wall is stacked against you and getting higher by the minute. Sometimes you have to abandon one goal to make another goal work. You may not make the perfect decision but let God guide you through the right decision. No decision will bring a perfect situation but the well is never to dry for you to swim to safety. As long as you are living you have the chance to make a move. To make things better. As you move forward and start a new week, go into the Manic Monday with manic positivity and God leading your spirit. You got this Sug. On that note I’m out! PEACE LOVE and DAYLIGHT.