Hey guy! I know I’ve spent way too much time away but I have all good news. I’ve finished my first semester as a junior at Uni and boy am I relieved to say I made it out alive. Not only did I balance a full-time school load and working full time but I also managed to throw a part-time job in there. Your girl has had a very busy semester! But, the time has come for me to pay up what I owe to my blog and to my art career which is my undivided attention! I really appreciate those who are still rocking with me.  I’ve also been doing some thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to show some respect to the people and my blog by providing more consistency . I’m an actress who writes her hearts out, loves to shop, travel, eat food and takes pictures while doing it all. Shouldn’t you guys get to see more of that on Wednesdays and Sundays? I think so. Im on it! Let our adventures begin!