Have you ever had that moment where you just wanted to hug your parents or grandparents and thank them for making your life possible? How about that moment when you released how blessed you are and just want to scream thank you?  Well, my friend today I have had another one of those days and I could not be more grateful to have that moment and be blessed enough to share that peace and happiness with you. My day has been far from perfect in the sense of things going exactly how I wanted them to go but they’ve gone perfectly in sense of how they were meant to be.

This morning in class my acting teacher had us doing the craziest body movements and exercises but it was a beautiful experience because I learned a great deal. The single most important thing I learned is that I need to break through the boundaries I have set for myself mentally, physically and emotionally. How much is enough? How far is too much? I came to the conclusion that although I do need to be careful to not injure myself more than I already have, trying to avoid injury has caused me to lose out on enjoying the physical capabilities I may have or could develop if I just take a chance. The moment I realized that I am the one holding me back, not the Charcot Marie Tooth disease that has made me limbs weak, I mentally became stronger. I can do this! I may fall, get a few bruises or even be embarrassed but I may also finally be able to run, kneel, walk faster and heck, yoga, maybe.  My point is, the leap is what makes the experience possible, not the move. It’s time to leap out on faith and make our judgment trustworthy by trusting it.  Grow from the move and have faith in the leap. Do you see how the two run hand and hand? You’ve got to have faith in order to leap and grow from each move so that you can reach the next one. You got this. I got this.  Breath in, breath out. Ready. Set. Go baby Go!