What up dudes and dudetts? Today on the blog I would just like to touch base on a topic that has been pretty heavy during the past two weeks in Kimmie’s first world. I’m talking finances! Yup, saving, spending wisely and making sure you have a steady flow of income. The possibilities are endless but you have to be persistent and logical.
Dont be the kid that spent the day with his fingers crossed wishing to make things happen. Be the the Adult that spent the day hands free because they made things happen. Dream. Plan. Execute.
Think like a rich person who wants to grow his money, not a poor person who wishes to be rich. Richness isn’t just defined by whats in your account.  Its a mindset.  Rich people want to grow more apples from the apples they’ve picked. Poor people think they need to pick more apples to grow apples and never get to keep any apples. Set your mind on keeping your apples. Goals!

Write your goals down and cross them off as they go from a wish to an accomplishment. Save your money and let it grow.  Create a budget that  corresponds with each goal. As your money grows your budget will grow also and so will your goal list most likely. Just keep pushing.

I wish you well on keeping your apples. Peace!