Change seems to be something that is inevitable so why do so many people try to fight change at all cost? Fear! Fear of not knowing what will happen next or if the piece you’re about to pick up will fit perfectly into the puzzle of your complicated but not so complicated life. Trust me, you aren’t alone my friend. The great thing about life is that it always provides a possibility for change which can sometimes be a great thing. Face the fact….you have to take the good with the bad so know that sometimes good things can come from bad situations when the bad situation CHANGES into something better. Life doesn’t always go as planned but that’s okay so long as you pick up the pieces and keep going. Go with the flow and see where the raft takes you.  Be confident in your decisions because decisions can quickly become regrets. 

           A wise friend from my childhood once said “Life lessons from the ocean water: The waves will pull you out further before they take you back to shore”. Those words rest easy in my heart as I hope he is resting easy above. Sometimes the water flows fast and you may feel like you’re making a decision to fast and it may scare you off but ask yourself; how could this decision change my life and am I willing to accept everything that comes with it? If it excites you and it feels right, go for it! Kool aid don’t pump it! Some changes are totally worth the wild ride they take you on but life’s a journey. Enjoy the adventure!