I’ve dreamed of the moment where you surprised me with your presence. I’ve cried because I was disappointed that I couldn’t meet you yet and I’ve prayed for you before God made you for me. The thought of you makes my heart grow warmer and larger. I like to believe you took your time coming into my life because you wanted to make sure your father was not only a great father but a good husband as well. So much power behind that thought and for that I thank you, I thank God for you. I can’t believe we’re here, we’re actually here together and you’re no longer just a spirit I sense or a kick I feel. You’re MY baby. I’m holding you in MY arms. Feeling your skin next to mine as you listen to my heart beat faster and deeper. The moment the doctor handed you to me, he put my whole world in my hands and those hands will hold your hand down every smooth and bumpy road you may travel. Life is a beautiful blessing and I’m glad to I get to share this life with you. I love you sooooo much dear child of mine and I promise to never stop trying to be my best while I help you grow into your best.  I’ll you with arms wide open and a fragile heart that grows stronger each day I spend with you.